Mosque Re-opening

Assalaamu alaikum
InshaAllah London Colney Islamic Centre will open for congregational salah from FRIDAY 10th JULY 2020, for all prayers.

🕛 The Masjid will open 10 minutes before each salah and will close straight after salah. Sunnah / Nafl salah (after fardh salah) should be prayed at home inshaAllah
10th July Jamaat times
Fajr : 3:23am
Jumuah : 1:30pm and 2:10pm
Asr : 6:30pm
Maghrib : 9:20pm
Isha : 10:30pm
🌡 Body Temperature will be checked before you enter the Masjid. If it is higher than 37.8, you will need to go home inshaAllah.
😷 Face covering must be worn and you need to bring your own prayer mat
🚱 Toilet / Wudhu facilities will be closed

🚹 Maximum Capacity for Brothers, with distancing: 123
🚺 Max capacity for Sisters, with distancing: 25

InshaAllah there will be 2 Jumuahs.
1st Jumuah: 1:30pm ( entry from 1:20pm )
Entry will be on a first come first entry basis.
2nd Jumuah: 2:10pm ( entry from 2:00pm )
The doors will be closed when the Masjid is full inshaAllah

If you come for jumuah and the Masjid is full for both, please pray zuhr at home

Please also refer to the clear guidelines below 👇



The purpose of this SOP is to prepare for the reopening of the masjid for congregational prayer under guidance from government’s instructions.
The limited reopening will be to minimise risk when wider reopening takes place and help train COVID marshal who will provide directions which MUST be followed on the premises.
The masjid is being fully prepared to allow for individual prayer safely. Anyone attending must follow the instructions of the COVID marshal. Expect to queue outside until the martials allow entry.
‘You will only be praying fardh salah in congregation, at the fixed jamat times’
On entry, follow ALL instructions without fail.
• You will only be praying fardh salah, all sunnah/nafl to be offered at home.
• Windows and doors will remain open for ventilation purposes.
• You MUST follow all instructions. COVID officers have the right to refuse entry to anyone.
• The doors will be opened 15 minutes before prayer and closed 10 minutes after the prayer – worshippers will need to leave straight after the fardh prayer and the masjid will be locked.
• Possession of keys for the masjid will be restricted to members only with a given and specific responsibility for possession of keys.
• Anyone who wishes to be considered as a registered key holder will need to apply in writing to the committee for authorisation.


1. The COVID-19 protocol must be strictly observed.
2. Please bring your own face covering and ensure your face is covered when you enter the masjid.
3. Check the jamaat times of the masjid.
4. No elderly or children are allowed (over the age of 70 or under the age of 15 will not be allowed).
5. If you have any underlining health or vulnerable household members you should not enter the masjid.
6. Do not enter the masjid if you feel unwell.
7. Please bring your own prayer mat in a disposable plastic bag for prayers.
8. Please do your wudhu at home before coming to the masjid and wash your hands properly before leaving home, because there will be no access to wudhu and toilet facilities. In the event of breaking your wudhu in the masjid, please leave the masjid immediately and complete your prayers at home.
9. If there are no queues, then proceed as normal through the main entrance door as indicated by the signs.
10. Please wait at the entrance to get your temperature checked. You may enter when you have been cleared.
11. Should there be a queue, then we ask everybody to make their way to the side of the masjid and wait there.
12. Before entering the masjid, please remove your footwear and place them on the shoe rack.
13. When entering the masjid, please use the hand sanitiser
14. Avoid hand-shaking at all times on the masjid premises.
15. Please support the masjid by voluntarily texting your name on 07428632000 for the NHS Track and Trace programme every time you enter the masjid.


16. There will be no access to Quran, shelves/cupboards.
17. Only pray (using your prayer mat) where it is marked ‘PLEASE STAND HERE’ – please do not occupy a space which is not marked.
18. Should you require a chair, these have been placed in designated points.
19. It is compulsory for all attendees to adhere strictly to the social distancing rules in the masjid at all times. The floor has been clearly marked accordingly to help you to comply with this.


20. Do not touch the doors and windows when leaving.
21. Please use the hand sanitiser before exiting the masjid.
22. Collect your footwear from the shoe rack.
23. When leaving the masjid, please leave one by one to reduce the congestion and not to leave all in one go.
24. Please avoid socialising and evacuate the masjid premises immediately after salah.

JazakAllah khair for your patience and support

LCIC Trustees and Imam Abdul Muhit